Peter’s first election campaign in 1996




About Peter

Peter Andren was born in 1946 in Gulargambone NSW, and raised with his two sisters and brother in several country railway towns where his father was stationmaster.

He was educated in the public school system and Macquarie University, graduating Bachelor of Arts. Peter is also a graduate of Alexander Mackie Teachers College and taught from 1966 to 1968.

In 1969 he moved into television, working as a news producer for the 7 and 9 networks in Sydney before moving in 1977 to the Central West of NSW to become the news editor, in both radio and television, for 2GZ and PRIME respectively.

He decided to contest the 1996 election as an independent, campaigning for retention of government services in the bush – especially banking, health and telecommunications.

His work and leadership, on issues such as MPs’ entitlements, mandatory sentencing, asylum seekers and the war on Iraq, a better deal for rural electorates and his defence of public ownership of Telstra and other publicly owned infrastructure, has earned him the respect of the Calare electorate and has seen him returned three times as its Federal Member.

Now, as one of three elected Independent MPs in the Federal House of Representatives, Peter continues to strive to provide effective, consistent, ethical and responsible representation for the people of Calare.